Hard work with exercise and discipline


Exercise and discipline; answers the very question that probably sent you here in the first place. How to lose weight fast. There’s a couple ways to go about this.  The first requires no effort beyond getting into your car and making a phone call. It is however, rather expensive and requires a good cosmetic surgeon.  Liposuction, tummy tucks, facelifts, you name it.  Zero effort, plenty of gain. You just may want to stay in your house while you heal up a bit, the aftermath isn’t too pretty just after.  The other requires little to no money, but tons of effort and dedication.  This is where most people falter.  We want that sculpted body, but we have ten million reasons why we don’t want to sweat.  That second way is exercise, and discipline.  Eating right, working out and being committed to seeing the results long term.

Every day the internet is swamped with legions of people who are looking for some secret answer to pop up, a pill that promises to shed fat by grabbing the fat molecules right out of your food and disposing of it as waste…or a supplement that magnifies your metabolism, or a shake that is a complete meal substitute that the makers assure you won’t taste like astronaut or military rations.  People everywhere frantically searching for that miracle food, plant, seed, nut or pill that will magically transform them in a matter of 2 weeks to a month into their ideal size and shape… stop kidding yourselves.  There is no magic item out there, and there will never be.  Regardless of the advances in science, the only sure ways to get rid of weight and make sure it stays away is to be responsible, or wealthy.  It’s going to take work, and you must want it badly enough.

It’s probably unnecessary to mention the thousands of things that are offered in an undisguised attempt to part you and your finances, exploiting your desire to look great and be healthy.  They exist for a good reason.  There is a ton of money to be made off of our feelings of inadequacy.  If they’re marketed right, people can be made to buy anything, and desperation makes people believe in nearly anything.  Don’t fall prey to these scams, and scam artists.  A program that will work for you is one that helps you learn to eat better, how to exercise, when and what to eat, and helps you find your way through the entire process.  A program not worth buying is just pages full of fluff, that is marketed simply to sound good, and uses a one size fits all mentality.

Try to avoid your scale when you’re beginning a new diet and exercise program.  Anything you view as negative in your terms of goal weight and how quickly you want to see it will cause you to give up prematurely.  Chances are, you’ve been heavier than you want to be for a while, so you must give your body time to respond properly.  To that extent, steer clear of diet programs that are willing to offer you 2 week results, or whose life span is only 2-3 weeks total.  You need something that you can live by every day, or you’re just asking for the weight to return.  2 week diets aren’t a bad thing necessarily, if you’re just looking to get into a suit you haven’t worn since high school, or heading to a wedding as a best man, but the methods that get used in a 2 week flash diet cannot be used long term without serious side effects.  It is terribly unhealthy to try to live daily by the flash diet methods, it will put undue stress on your heart and other major organs, can damage your digestive system, knock your hormone levels out of balance, and clog up the pathways in your brain that you use for cognitive functioning daily.  That’s only a small list; the main idea here is, don’t do those flash diets without a good reason.  Save your money.

Surround yourself with people who are supportive of your cause.  If you’re into social media, start posting photos.  They don’t have to be of you semi-clad, they can be of the food you chose to eat, or a refrigerator newly stocked with healthy choices.  It can be of the resistance bands you just bought, or the hand weights, you can even post pictures of the exercises you plan to do for the day, or your meal plan.  You will find such a following from people who are trying to do the same thing, or struggling at the same time, but too shy to speak up about it.  Through this sort of network you will find the staunchest supporters for your weight loss journey.  The best programs offered out there for home weight loss and muscle building will also offer you forum access, giving you yet another support structure, full of people who have been down the same road and seen the light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Remember, if something sounds like it’s too good to be true, it probably is.  People don’t often back a product offering a money-back guarantee with a long end date without good cause.  Look for the products that aren’t trying to fleece you out of your money, and who have YOUR best interests in mind.  It’s your investment in your health and future, so be sure you’re putting your money where you’re going to enjoy the returns the most!  Good luck with your weight loss journey, it’s a hard road full of hills and plateaus, but through it all, you’ll learn you’re stronger than you ever believed, and there’s nothing in this world that tastes better than your own success.


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