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The Review


It is a program well worth looking into. Even with the seven days out in the supplement guide added into the mix, it does not affect the overall price.

The purchase price seems to be well worth the material alone, even if you take out of the equation all the bonus material. The basics on their own are remarkably impressive, considering that any fitness level or age group of any man can do this program. It has an awesome 12 week program and it also has a phenomenal 60 day money back guarantee, which is far as I can tell, no other program actually really offers, with the exception of Kyle Leon’s programs. It provides you with a customized workout and eating plan designed to help you re-sculpt your body into the shape and definition of you are after according to your own personal Adonis golden ratio. That last being more than enough reason to try this program out for yourself.

  • Speed
  • Effectiveness
  • Difficulty
  • Maintenance

About the Adonis Golden Ratio

The Adonis golden ratio is the product of a collaboration between John Barban, Kyle Leon (a certified nutritionist and bodybuilder himself), Brad Howard and Kaira Pilon who also happens to be very well known for her contributions to diet and most especially through intermittent fasting. Brad Howard is the producer of the project and is a well-recognized expert in diet and exercise. John Barban is the lead contributor and the scientific brain but is also known for both supplements and bodybuilding worldwide. Kyle Leon is a power muscle superstar in his own right and has programs of his own appeal well with this particular program, which he endorses. Kyle Leon’s famous among bodybuilders because of his own power muscle building programs.

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Does the Adonis Golden Ratio System Even Work?

Without having even tried the product yourself, it is impossible to say whether or not the product will work or not. The only sure way of ever knowing, is to either try it yourself, or have somebody you know and trust try the product and give you feedback. Reviews can be very misleading sometimes, even confusing because everybody’s opinion is a personal experience, therefore it makes it difficult for us to judge product through reviews alone. Some reviews will even go so far as to try to actually persuade you to buy the product, a badly veiled sales pitch, in other words, instead of an unbiased review. So, with that in mind here is some information on the aforementioned product.

The Adonis Golden Ratio is a visually pleasing and healthy body ratio which is the measure your shoulder width vs your waist size. This is not a one size at all program because it covers so many different details Central for fat loss and muscle gain, there is very little room for mistakes. The explanations are incredibly scientific, like the one I’m going to go into detail with now.

Almost 100% of the time people will run off to the gym when they want to lose weight, build muscle or even just toned muscle, thinking this is a sure fire way of getting instant gratification. This is fundamentally untrue. People will go so far as to even dramatically alter their eating habits and higher personal trainer to get the results that they’re after. This is the wrong approach, and not because it won’t get you the results that you’re after, it’s more because it’s a bit of a “body shock”, meaning your body is not accustomed to these dramatic and sometimes hectic changes that take place in an incredibly short period time. As a result, the results will be undesirable. The collaborators of this program bring up the concept of excess oestrogen in the male body which will inevitably lead to things like the development of male breasts instead of beautifully sculpted pectoral muscles. When it comes nutrition, how can we tell whether or not what we are eating is in fact harming and hindering fat loss and muscle gain, or whether or not it is in fact healthy and good for us? There’s a lot of speculation that our diets are in fact working against us. For example, most people do not know that eating soya and others soya products as well as tofu, in fact products that encourages the production of oestrogen and the fat layer that lies just beneath the skin. The reason why this is undesirable for men is because this is exactly what makes a woman’s skin looks so smooth, and so naturally it doesn’t look right on a guy. The idea is to eliminate the layer of fat beneath the skin, not add to it when you are trying to sculpt and define muscle. One magazine (Iron Man Magazine) goes on to explain that the pictorial muscles can become hard with fibrotic tissue, which then developed into the dreaded “man boobs”. Take a genetic into consideration here, from your mother for instance. If your mother has large breasts, and you are following the incorrect diet and eating things like soy products or tofu products, you can expect your “man boobs” to look similar to your mothers. Another unpleasant fact is that once this tissue has hardened, you will require surgery to remove it as no amount of exercise or diets will reverse the effect.

It is difficult enough trying to develop a lean and sculpted body while losing excess body fat without having to deal with additional complications like that. So to answer the question does the Adonis golden ratio work? In short, yes. Provided of course, the program is followed to the letter without deviation, and with a 100% commitment to the entire program in order for any of the results to be seen.

Adonis Golden Ratio Customer Reviews

Even though reviews can be varied from person to person, reading up on what other people had to say on the product, people who actually use the product, it does however lend some credibility to the claims made about the product, therefore, below are a few reviews from people who have indeed use the product, for your perusal.

“My Wife Got in Shape, so I Had to Do the Same to Keep Up with Her”

“Sometimes more can be achieved with less, if you know what you are doing… the workout structure is the key”

“The Adonis Index approach makes sense and it’s probably what you have been looking for”

“I Made a Decision to Get to the Best Shape of My Life and Look like a Magazine Cover Model at the Age of 40”

“You Can Stay Lean and Still Be Building Muscle”

“I tried a lot of things to get over depressions and get in shape and nothing ever worked. But after doing this program I no longer have the problem”

“I Thought I had to Gain 20 Pounds to Get in Shape, It Never Occurred to Me that I Need to Do the Opposite”

“Six Months Were Enough to Get to the
Best Shape of My Life”

As you can see, most reviews favorable, however there is always a handful that will have something negative to say about whatever it is they are reviewing. Some may even have no real opinion one way or the other about a product. These things happen. Some people need hard evidence that can be calculated and supported by video footage (before and after pictures included in the testimonials) that can be proven, without having to take the risk of actually purchasing and going through the program themselves. This can be especially true (sometimes) for beginners or first timers who are looking for a way to fix their physical appearance.

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Negatives about Adonis Golden Ratio

As mentioned before, this program does not necessarily suit everybody. The program is designed especially for men, so it’s definitely not suitable for the ladies. Unfortunately, women will see no positive or desirable changes to their bodies if they try to follow this particular program.

The program is also designed in such a way that anybody, any man, can follow this program regardless of his fitness level. That being said, novices may find the program a little bit difficult, especially in the beginning since the program is actually a rigorous one and can be quite difficult at times. The program will require a full 100% commitment if you do in fact want to see, or feel any positive results. The exercise program is definitely very intense.

Upon reviewing the workout program, it was noted that the when no stretching exercises included as a pre-workout per-requisite. It is advisable though to warm up your body by doing some stretching exercises to prevent injury. However please bear in mind, that stretching alone will not produce muscle growth.

It goes without saying that they are indeed websites all over the Internet who are selling fraudulent products, so be aware of this to avoid being out of pocket for a lot of money. To ensure that you purchase the real Adonis golden ratio program, follow the official link below.

Things to consider before buying Adonis Golden Ratio
The pros definitely outweighed the cons for this particular program, provided you keep in mind that following the program properly is the only way to see positive results. This at least makes the program worthwhile.

Here are some of the positive points:

  1. based on try and tested methods proven through extensive study
  2. the focus is on building strength rather than bulky muscle
  3. highly customized to specifically suit your needs
  4. the provided software easy to use with the simple “plug and play” system
  5. it does make finding your personal Adonis index very
  6. because of the way the program has been designed, there is no way of building up an excess of bulky muscle which goes entirely against the grain of what the Adonis golden ratio program is designed for
  7. comes with a 60 days 100% money back guarantee which almost equates to the entire 12 week program, which means that if you do not receive the results you are after all you’re not completely satisfied, you still get your money back
  8. if you consider what you would spend on a personal trainer and all the additional supplements that you would be forced to buy, the Adonis golden ratio program’s price doesn’t seem so steep when you take into consideration all the bonus material that comes with it

What other bonuses?

  1. the 12 week program comes with a comprehensive workout routine that also includes over 70 videos to help you execute the exercises correctly and in the most safe and effective way
  2. it comes with a nutritional program that is designed in such a way that can be personalised to your lifestyle and needs, which also includes a timetable for when to eat, as well is wha
  3. it comes with a supplement guide to help you boost weight loss, or fat loss more importantly, and for optimal muscle building. However, the supplements are optional
  4. it has an “Abs and Arms Assault” program, designed for obvious reasons
  5. it comes with a lifetime unlimited upgrade when you become a member
  6. it includes access to the social community and the forum in case you have any questions or problems that need addressing
  7. you also get Kyle Leon’s “seven days out” video which claims to make you look 10 to 15 lbs leaner with water manipulation tricks and skin tightening techniques

Even though Kyle’s bonus doesn’t seem to action fit in with the whole program, think about like this: imagine having successfully completed the Adonis golden ratio program, and then following Kyle Leon’s seven days out bonus, just imagine what your body would look like after all that?

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