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The Alkaline Diet is much more than a diet; it is a fresh approach to eating. It is designed to keep and maintain the ideal acid/alkaline (pH) balance. Many studies have been recorded on the subject, but Emma Deangela went to great lengths to collect and write a condensed, easy-to-follow guide on all the research into a comprehensive diet program, including food charts, recipes and great shopping tips.

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There’s a ton of “named” diets out there, probably the most commonly known one is the Adkins diet, or the South Beach diet, both of which saw a huge growth factor until people realized that they weren’t great for long-term use. There’s another one however, that has surfaced recently called The Alkaline Diet. It’s design promotes eating foods that help the body stay in a balanced pH level to help stay healthy, and to aid in digestion. Emma Deangela’s product offers her research into the subject with a complete diet program with food charts, recipes and shopping tips.

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The Alkaline Diet – Main Points

Independent studies on the benefits of alkaline eating have been promoting the many reasons eating this way is a great way to stay healthy and lose weight. Emma has taken all of the studies and research for us, and compiled them into a product that comprehensively covers everything you would ever want to know about the alkaline method.

It’s generally accepted that fruits and vegetables tend to be the most alkalizing of any foods, where things like meats, milk and carbs are acidifying. The Alkaline Diet does not ask you to remove diary, protein or carbs from your diet however, but it is crucial to know when and how best to eat them to stay in prime health. This diet claims the ability to lose weight without any caloric restrictions, and promises more stamina and better health overall.

Science Behind The Alkaline Diet

The US National Library of Medicine published in their Journal of Environmental and Public Health a study that confirms the correlation between your state of health and blood pH levels. The head of the Preventative Medicine Research Institute in California, Dr. Dean Ornish did a study on 30 men who had low risk prostate cancer and found that 3 months of living an alkaline promoting lifestyle and exercise made their genes express differently. The study was published in the National Academy of Sciences Journal stating something unheard of before. “The activity of disease-preventing genes increased while a number of disease-promoting genes, including those involved in prostate cancer and breast cancer, shut down.”

There is plenty of skepticism on the subject as well, with people stating that your blood will remain at a steady pH level regardless what you eat. Regardless of whether this is even true, your body works hard to maintain a balance to stay healthy, and by changing it, you deplete yourself of minerals that are essential. The entire basis for the Alkaline Diet lies within fruits and vegetables, so even if it does little to change your blood pH, nobody can argue that eating more fruit or vegetables is bad for us in terms of good health.

Users Review The Alkaline Diet

The official site contains a ton of letters lauding the efforts of the author in helping shed weight and feel great for life, but there’s some interesting ones on there that include things like erasing skin conditions by switching to eating alkaline. There’s sites like who believes in education over medication which has a large thread dedicated to the Alkaline Diet, with plenty of people ringing in on the subject. There’s also folks on the forums who are discussing the diet that give reference to clinical studies.

Negatives for The Alkaline Life?

How about the obvious? There’s no more eating things like burgers and pizza, no ice cream or cookies, no bags of oil laden potato crisps, but then we know those are bad for us anyway. It definitely means cutting out a lot of things we’ve become accustomed to eating, but with the easy shopping guides and tips offered, we can also promise you won’t miss them that much.

The recipes are fantastic, and the presentation is as easy as planning out a meal and you can even enjoy a night out, knowing the sorts of things you can order to remain within your plan. Because this is extremely well organized and complete, it takes a ton of commitment to see it through, especially when going out to eat and knowing you cannot just have the thing you love most from the restaurant.

It makes it nearly necessary to buy your fruit and vegetables from a farmer’s market or to buy organic, or grow them yourself unless you want to ingest a ton of pesticides or take chances on genetically modified vegetables or fruits. Organic foods are more expensive, so it does mean spending more on your food, and since you’ll be buying the rest of it fresh, it also means more spoilage if you don’t use it or cook it on time.

What You Can Expect When You Buy

  • The Alkaline Diet Manual – tells you everything you need to get started including meal analysis, a detailed food list, as well as steps along the alkalizing process.
  • The Alkaline Diet Success Journal – this helps you to stay focused daily, and enables you to track your progress. It makes you answerable to times when you feel less motivated, and that sort of accountability can be the key to making it stick.
  • The Alkaline Food Shopping Guide – Everything you ever needed or wanted to know to help your shopping efforts not feel lost or confused when starting your diet.
  • The Quick Start Guide – helps you to jump right in after only 15 minutes so you can get started and snack on something healthy while you read the rest of the mountains of material offered.
  • Alkaline Recipes – my favorite part of the whole thing, it’s full of delicious recipes that ensure you never miss your craving foods from before the switch.
  • Top Ten Nutrition Mistakes – shows you the most common reasons people usually fail in weight loss efforts, and gives tips that make a huge difference.
  • Acid and Alkaline Food Chart – helps you to see with a glance which foods are acidic and which are alkaline.

You get 60 days to analyze if this program will work for you and within that time, if you decide the diet isn’t going to work for you, or you just don’t have the time or money to make it happen, you are entitled to a full money back guarantee of the low purchase price of $39.97.

Please ensure you purchase the official product using a verified link to avoid getting a copy of the program that is fake, as well as generally more expensive than the real thing.

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