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While Customized Fat Loss may have a few quirks we’ve mentioned above, and there are plenty naysayers who have never even bought the product, there’s no doubt in our minds that Customized Fat Loss does work when followed properly. It will require some of your time and due diligence at first to get through the material and set up your meal plans, but once you’re done it’s a simple question of “follow the plan.”

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Millions of people struggle with fat loss. Some are even told that their “metabolism is slow”, or it’s their “genetics” at fault. These sorts of excuses are even used by medical doctors, which is simply accepted as truth. However, the truth is that you’re perfectly capable of having the body you desire.

You’ve likely tried all sorts of diet pills by now, and while some of them can support your weight loss, it all boils down to what and how much you eat every day that is directly responsible for your current weight, your weight loss, and keeping your weight off, NOT the diet pills! Certain diet pills and supplements can help, but they will never be the solution, only an aid. You have got to be careful of the placebo effect, or worse, potentially dangerous drugs that can literally harm you, make you feel jittery, cause insomnia etc.

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Kyle Leon and Customized Fat Loss

Customized Fat Loss was developed by Kyle Leon, certified nutritionist, fitness model, and author of a number of successful weight loss products. He developed it as a solution to the “generic” fat loss diets. His rationale is that while there are common truths to weight loss success, you are an individual, and no generic diet will suit you perfectly. They’re often way too general, and what works for one person may not work for you, or could even be your downfall. They’re often designed to be temporary, since nobody could reasonably expect you to eat the way the diet prescribes forever!

How it works

Customized Fat Loss is a fully customizable online program which helps you to develop daily eating plans based on your body type, age, sex, weight, current fitness level, etc. You enter the required details into the system (guides are provided to help you determine your body type), and it tells you exactly when and how much to eat. It will generate up to 4 meal plans tailored to you, which you can then alter or use as-is. You can also design your own meal plans with the system. You don’t need to understand nutrition or count calories, because the system takes care of all that for you. Simply enter your information and the system generates clear and easy to read charts and instructions.

We were also pleased to discover that the food choices made available are REAL food, not horrible tasting bland foods you’ve come to expect from a diet.

What about working out?

Customized Fat Loss is designed to work in conjunction with workouts at the gym, and provides meticulously planned out workout schedules. Some may find this extremely beneficial and helpful, while others may not even have a gym membership. The bottom line is that successful weight loss is usually a product of both eating well and exercise. However, we would have liked to have seen an exercise schedule that did not require you to have a gym membership or access to gym equipment.

In contrast, the workout plan offered is very well structured and clearly has been designed by professionals. It explains exactly which exercises to do on which days, at what intensity etc.: just print out the provided training log, watch the videos on how to do the exercises properly, and head for the gym.

Customized Fat Loss Reviews

We’ve noticed a lot of people who have never purchased the product but are either promoting the product (most likely because they get paid for it) or are calling it a scam or a gimmick etc, which will ultimately leave you even more confused than when you first started researching about it!

Here’s some of the reviews we were able to find from actual actual clients:

This fat loss app turns out to be very helpful for anyone who are looking for proper and healthy weight loss. Get this App and get yourself in desirable shape.

As a user I can say this program does work. Here is a review you might find of help as it is written by a real user.

Only through Customized Fat Loss was I able to gain the tools to achieve the kind of body that I wanted. I can’t say enough good things about this program and all the tools that are provided to help you reach your goals. The podcasts are a wealth of knowledge that really help you understand what you should focus on, the community is full of great people who are always supportive and encouraging and the workouts are absolutely amazing. I’ve never looked or felt better than I do now following the Customized Fat Loss lifestyle.
-Rita B.

We also have purchased the product, purely for the sake of giving you all the facts, and we’ve remained as impartial as possible in the hopes that you can make an informed decision.

Things to watch out for

The download and access instructions can be a little confusing; there’s quite a lot of information, and we felt it was a little disorganized. However, it’s not impassable – we recommend that you go through all the instructions and read / watch all the material first.

As we’ve mentioned above, workout plan requires you to go to gym. If you do not have access to a gym, then you’ll probably need to get a little creative about doing some resistance training at home. We were disappointed that no alternative workout plan was offered, although the program does tell you which parts of your body to work out and when, so you could create your own workouts with your home gym equipment.

The software can be frustrating to use at times. We found a couple of occasions where we thought we had saved our meal plan, only to have it completely disappear on us! So make sure you save often! It would’ve also been nice if when selecting foods it let you know what the nutritional breakdown of the food item was before selecting it, as we found ourselves having to switch out food items repeatedly to get it close to the guidelines. So rather than build a meal plan from scratch, we recommend that you change the custom-designed meal plans you get pre-built for you after capturing your details.

There’s a fair number of food items available for your meal plans, but it’s not an exhaustive list, and while we understand that they couldn’t possibly list every possible food there is out there, we would’ve liked to see the option to be able to add your own food items and their respective nutritional details.

You can capture your details using the metric system, but when building your meal plans be prepared to work in pounds and ounces. Not the end or the world – 1lb is approx. 0.5k and 1oz is approx. 30g, so you can just do that math. Still an irritation for those more familiar with the metric system though.


Although your purchase of Customized Fat Loss provides everything you need already, Kyle is quick to offer you some additional products to supplement the program:

Fat Loss Primer ($67)

If you’ve got a lot of weight to lose, then Fat loss Primer ensures that Customized Fat Loss will be all you’ll need to lose all of it. The guide walks you through a “primer” phase between Customized Fat Loss cycles in order to prevent you from plateauing. As already mentioned, if you have a lot of weight to lose and will need to run through several cycles of the system, then it’s a must have.

Personal Assistant ($97)

You get access to a “real” person’s email address which you can use to ask questions etc. Great if you need the extra help or if you have questions. While the software and guides are great, It’s always good to have an expert in your corner which you can talk to.

Recipe Book ($27)

Do yourself a favor and get this! It’ll create diversity in the meal plans which can be hard to achieve on your own. Obviously it’s not critical, especially if you enjoy cooking and are creative in the kitchen already.

How to Order

Customized Fat LossBe aware of totally fake products being passed off as the Customized Fat Loss system! Often they’re being sold at a reduced price or even given away in exchange for your e-mail address. These downloads can be very dangerous! Apart from having the wrong information which may do you more harm than good, the downloads may also contain viruses etc, so we strongly recommend that you to use our link to visit the official Customized Fat Loss Website – remember that this is the only reliable and truthful Customized Fat Loss program, and the only place where the 100% money back guarantee if you are not totally satisfied is valid. The purchase price is $47, and access to the system and downloads is immediate.

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