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Many diets today offer instant results and a one size fits all mentality. There's just one inherent problem with this line of thinking, and marketing. It cannot possibly work for everyone, especially not for the long haul. We are all made so differently, our body type, height, weight issues caused by metabolic malfunctions, DNA, and so many other contributing factors it's astounding. How can any diet claim to work the same for everyone and deliver on that promise without considering what happens once you're off of it?

This is why impartial reviews are needed, to see if diets like the Cruise Control Diet are a crash plan, or a lifestyle change. One causes rebound weight and disappointment, the other promises long lasting results.

  • Speed
  • Effectiveness
  • Difficulty
  • Maintenance

Where Does The Cruise Control Diet Come From?

The Author of the Cruise Control Diet e-book, James Ward, suffered from obesity and a total loss of ability to forge forward with any part of his life.  He had lost hope, patience and respect for himself. After considerable digging through journals, books and scientific data, he claims to have finally seen the pattern that was keeping him from being able to keep the weight off regardless which crash diet he got on. With this he created an entire eating plan that hinged on the ability to eat the things you crave so that you aren’t tempted to binge eat and regain everything you’ve worked to remove. By allowing people to eat the things they love most in moderation, it allows for a healthier goal to be set, and a realistic expectation to follow through with it.

Is This Diet Really Different From the Rest?

The short answer is yes.  This Cruise Control Diet Review is in stark contrast to others we have reviewed in the past for a few different reasons.

  • Time saver, overall time cost is very small
  • Does not patronize you by speaking down to your ability to trust your own body
  • No calorie, fat gram, point counting, or weighing of portions or yourself before meals
  • No need to go out and buy new gym gear for home, a gym contract, or purchase name brand diet foods to support the diet

Though these are the biggest differences between this diet and others, there’s plenty more. Mr. Ward has a real interest and stake in teaching people how to live a healthy life by changing their lifestyle entirely. He explains why eating is an instinctual process more than an intellectual one, and why training ourselves to eat when we’re supposed to could never work. He says that by listening to our own body’s natural ability to feel hunger when we really need the energy fuel, we are able to avoid over-eating entirely, and cut out the need to eat simply because society has deemed it’s “breakfast”, “lunch” or “supper” time.

What To Expect From Cruise Control Diet

It seems the diet centers among 4 rules at it’s core.  Because there’s not a lot of complications and frivolity with this diet, it remains easy and straightforward to understand and implement.

  1. Eat foods that are natural and raw whenever possible.  See this article by The Journal of Nutrition.
  2. Stay away from anything that is artificial or processed, as they contain chemicals and preservatives that initiate the fat storage processes in the body
  3. Treat your favorite  cravings as your guilty pleasures, not as cheat foods. Eat them, but do so in moderation because they actually help when you find you’ve reached a plateau with your weight loss
  4. Use your body as a clock and listen when it tells you it’s time to eat. Give it time to register when you’re full.  See this article on How you burn calories.

The e-book is clearly written, and seems to be targeted at people for whom other diets have been tried, tested and failed. Average weight loss reported by users is about 30 pounds within 8 weeks, free of excessive exercise, no supplements, nor anything extra that would have furthered the weight loss. The author walks the users of his plan through every part of the three phases, which we are happy to include here. This is a great way to preview the ease with which the plan is meant to work.

Phase 1 – Metabolic Reset Phase

Rigid and uncompromising, this phase resets your metabolism by lowering insulin levels. It rebuilds your natural hunger instinct and runs for 2 week intervals.

Phase 2 – Control Phase

During phase two, fat and weight are controlled completely. It allows for two meals a week and is the default the diet falls back on after the completion of all three phases.

Phase 3 – Rapid Phase

Final phase, which concentrates on the fat burning potential, gives strength, energy and a sense of overall well-being.

Staying in the Control Phase allows your body to maintain the weight loss that has been achieved during the entire diet and keep it off.

Something we found strange about this diet plan that others don’t take focus off of however, is the lack of attention to exercise. We scoured the pages of the e-book to see if there was any mention made, since the author didn’t seem to place high importance on exercise, and only found that he said he believes that 80% of weight loss is caused by a shift in diet and routine alone, and that exercise doesn’t accomplish much more until you plateau or get near your target weight. He does give brief mention to brisk walking and resistance training every week as being “helpful” though.

What Consumers Are Saying About the Program:

The following are excerpts taken from the Official Site:

“I am doing excellent – have LOST 8 pounds in 2 weeks and so has my husband.”

“Just a note, I have now lost 34 lbs and my partner has lost 26 – Just like you said the pounds are falling off…”

“Lost 5.5 pounds in 7 days. Blam!! Started at 155lbs seven days ago, weighed in at 149.5lbs this morning.”

“We feel great – I have lost 10 lbs and my partner has lost 12 pounds- we are not struggling with any thing just yet..”

If I Choose to Buy, What is Included?

Cheaper than many of the other diets we have reviewed in the past at $39.99, and with a solid 60 day money back guarantee, it gives a very comprehensive package for very little.

The standard order includes the e-book “Cruise Control Diet Core Program”, e-report “Cruise Control Diet Cookbook”, e-report “Jump Start Guide”, and a members only access to a library that includes posts that are updated with the changing times, new recipes, and continuous support throughout your weight-loss journey.  You also get bonus recipes weekly delivered directly to your email inbox for 60 days.


  • Great for anyone who is tired of spending extra cash on diet supplies, special foods, scales, or gadgets
  • Entire diet plan created by someone who has researched it, and used it himself and backed by a litany of others who say the same
  • The proof cited in the writing is also backed by scientific journals and easily verifiable, with a proven track record
  • Made to last forever, not as a crash diet to help you fit into that suit or swimwear for an upcoming holiday
  • Very easy to understand and follow
  • Plenty of support throughout, and unpretentious style of writing enables everyone at any level to perfectly achieve the same benefits
  • Customer conscious. Customer support is timely, with requests answered within 24 hours, and able to refund upon request without any questions asked, we verified this ourselves!


  • A bit easy to become confused among diet myths, stats and fact sheets that are interwoven throughout the text
  • Focuses nearly wholly on the diet alone, and misses out mentioning exercise more, when it could greatly benefit long term
  • Author has a tendency to run-on while writing which comes off as being off-track even though the information is still helpful
  • No mention toward motivational uses, or ways to keep motivation going while dieting
  • No audio or video included

Though the author does ramble a bit, and can get side-tracked – we felt it was more out of a passion for what he believes in and has seen results from than a lack of skill in portraying information along a timeline.  Despite the cons, we felt overall that this product provides well more than it’s purchase price and serves as a fantastic tool toward weight loss for a permanent solution, and that anyone who has struggled to lose weight in the past would see improvements by using this program.  It is with a very thorough inspection that we recommend this product.


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