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What are you waiting for seriously? This one's the real deal. Easily the best product on the market for women ANYWHERE, The Venus Factor provides information, training, a complete road map so you never feel lost along the way, plenty of support and access to a forum full of people on the exact same journey as you. It will reverse the effects of leptin resistance in the body and you'll finally be able to see the sense in why it's never worked quite right before. There is no reason to struggle anymore, go see why it works for yourself, you'll be grateful you did. This one is an investment in your body, your nutrition and your healthy future.

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Finally a weight loss system designed purely for women! This diet program claims to work specifically for ladies due to a woman’s differing needs from men in terms of getting healthy and building lean muscle where a woman wants it most. Research shows that women are more prone to metabolic issues like leptin resistance, and by using the program, the female body can learn how to recognize existing leptin levels. By beating out things like metabolic syndrome and leptin resistance, it opens doors previously closed to ladies to help get the body we deserve.

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A Venus Factor Description

There’s some issues regarding viability of any product that you can instantly download after purchase online understandably, but we’ve done a very extensive review on this product to make sure that it makes the cut for our PackWeb standards. Read on to find out whether Venus Factor can hold up to the scrutiny, we think you’ll enjoy this one.

Origination of The Venus Factor Program

This program has plenty of scientific backing through studies and efforts in data gathering. It’s in the use thereof that the author found the biggest reason why women struggle to lose weight when men seem to have it easier. He figured that something huge must be happening on the cellular or genetic level at a minimum, and set about trying to make it right. He, and the others who wrote this program are globally acclaimed leaders in the nutrition and weight loss industry, key people in muscle building and fitness who have put their authority into a product that delves deep into a way to solve obesity for women everywhere.

The culprit behind a woman’s inability to lose weight even with great effort comes from leptin resistance. Leptin occurs twice as much in women, but unlike our male counterparts, we’re unable to access it’s potential as they do. Leptin serves as an assurance to the body for extra fat storage for use as energy as needed. The reason women carry more of it around is simple, we’re programmed for childbirth, and our body cares not if we ever want to have kids, it’s doing what it was made to do. Without leptin levels ensuring that our body is keeping healthy amounts of fat around, we could never safely carry a child to term. The author, John Barban discovered ways that can make a woman trigger leptin to respond in the ways that a man’s does – which is key to getting rid of some really stubborn fat.

How Does This Program Work?

The entire point is to unlock our resistances to leptin. Tests that have been done on mice in a laboratory helped to prove that mice with the leptin resistance were obese in ways that refused weight loss efforts on a scientific level, despite regular exercise and dieting. Mice with normal DNA remained perfectly healthy and with normal metabolic responses. Leptin is one of the hormones that responds during times of stress, and when we gain too much leptin we end up unresponsive to the effects, our brains simply turn off the receptors. The creators of The Venus Factor have solved this by reprogramming how your body recognizes leptin by changing what you’re eating and WHEN you eat it.

The Venus Factor has been reviewed by a large amount of independent sources who have all had nothing but wonderful things to say about the methods used. Praise for this product stretches wide and far, which is something indeed for a product that promises results can be seen within the first day and all through the first week.

Testimonials from the site itself seem to gleam with the joy from the people who have used the program and witnessed some results they had all but given up on. Some of the people who are reviewing the program have taken to female diet and bodybuilding forums to report their results, and to rave about how it changed their life.

Negatives with The Venus Factor

First of all, if you’re a guy forget it. This isn’t for you, it’s for us. For once, a program has women’s interests in mind solely, and why we need a tailored program for our body’s specific needs.

This is a lot to bite off, pardon the pun. This is a lifestyle changer, not just a diet you get on then get off once you’ve lost the desired amount of weight. This program transforms your body, and how you look at food in general, as a total guide to the rest of your life, so it means some serious dedication to ensure you get the most from it.

Definitely don’t use this program if you’re just looking for a way to get into a bikini for summer, or to lose enough weight to get into a wedding dress, it’s not for that and there’s plenty of flash diets out there that you can use, or just by fasting that can get you there temporarily.

Words to the Wise

The Venus Factor has seen large success because it actually works, which is something a lot of things on the internet just cannot say with any degree of proof. The trouble with success is that it breeds con artists who will try to sell a copy of something that is inefficient, fake and not worth what they’re charging for it (often more expensive for less of the product, or not the real thing at all) and what’s worse, is that they have access to your sensitive banking information. It’s also given rise to some rather silly products like leptin supplements. There are no supplements you can take for leptin resistance. There’s a ton of proof that if you take MORE leptin into your body, you are doing yourself no favors, and are only raising your leptin ceiling, making it even harder to lose weight. Be sure that you buy The Venus Factor from the official merchant.

What You Get When You Buy

At only $47 for a special offering, there is plenty packed into the low price.

  • “The Essential Fat Loss Diet Guide” gives information about caloric intake and helps you to understand nutrition’s effect on your body and which foods are actually unhealthy despite great marketing otherwise.
  • “12 Week Fat Burning and Muscle Toning Workout” for total body reshaping that can be done at home or in a gym. Plenty of instruction for any level of fitness.
  • “The Virtual Nutritionist” is software that you can use that helps calculate the amount of protein and calories you need to consume to reach the customized body measurements from what you provide at the beginning.
  • The Venus Index Podcast, stories from real women using the product who have shared struggles and tips that got them through some of the hurdles involved with any diet and nutrition plan that seeks to change your life. It helps motivation when you’re feeling all but burned out.
  • Access to The Venus Community, a forum that has no dollar value because it’s priceless. You get to share information and tips, ask questions from other members in real time, and it’s free for life.

Best of all of these bonuses though is probably the money back guarantee. The author provides 60 full days you can get this guarantee without asking why, and within 2 months, if you haven’t seen results, I promise you haven’t been trying. You’ll see them in a week. If you find though that you just don’t have the time to dedicate for some reason, you can get your investment back without any issues. The original purchase price for this product is listed at $97 so it’s quite the deal right now for $47. Looking at other products that are similar, and also at costs for local gyms and training equipment for home use, this program is well worth the value packed into a small price.

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